Change Management is Execution Assurance

The role of an effective change leader is not to question the validity of the decisions made by leadership, but to provide a roadmap for execution given the scope of the change and the organization’s capacity to deliver the intended result.  I utilize a 3-phase project management approach to leading change that can be scaled appropriately to meet the needs of your organization.



of change initiatives fail to reach their desired result



of employees believe their leaders have a clear direction



of change don't know what their company stands for

source:  Gallup

In order to ensure a proposed initiative has the potential to achieve its desired result, an initial assessment should be conducted to provide leadership with a clear understanding of the level of effort needed and any risks associated from an organizational standpoint.

Conduct Impact Analysis

Assess Scope of Change &

Organization’s Capacity for Change

Align Assumptions Behind Initiative

Establish Change Steering Committee



Initial Assessment

Create the Compelling Case for Change



Implementation Plan

Working in conjunction with the project team dedicated to the new initiative, the change leader will create a project plan to ensure everything is in place and timelines are met to launch the initiative successfully and provide leadership with feedback along the way.

Identify Stakeholder Groups and Create Change Coalition

Create Communication Plan

Identify Allies and Resistors

Increase Manager's Ability to Lead Change

Establish Key Metrics and Plan for Short Term Wins



Execution & Results

As the initiative is launched, the change leader will monitor the Implementation Plan and the organization's reaction while providing leaders guidance and feedback on initail assumptions and recommended course corrections if necessary.

Oversee Communication Plan

Drive Sense of Urgency

Create Momentum and Overcome Inertia

Celebrate Short Term Wins and Recognize Successful Behaviors

Ensure Incentives Are Aligned and Initiative Results Are Achieved

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