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What if people were your greatest competitive advantage?

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The Reputation to Results Leadership Model is an adaptation of the Service-Profit Chain, a model created by Harvard researchers in the 90s that drew a direct correlation between the work environment created by managers and overall profitability.  This model introduces the concept of Internal Reputation being the essential starting point in driving results.
If leadership creates a strong Internal Reputation, employees become more productive, mediocre performance is not tolerated, and the organization will attract top talent.  This creates an environment that fosters Employee Loyalty, which becomes a key differentiator and improves the organization's External Reputation.  If this reputation can be maintained, it increases Customer Loyalty, which is an essential element of sustainable Profit & Growth.


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Internal Reputation

A deeper dive into what contributes to Internal Reputation

Employee Loyalty Overview.jpg



What does Employee Loyalty mean and why is it important?

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How your employees can be your key differentiator

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Implementation Success Factors

How this model can be successfully implemented 

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