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Maximizing Your Only Sustainable Competitive Advantage



The ability to retain and attract Loyal Customers is the cornerstone of consistent profitability and growth.  My approach looks at the root causes of customer loyalty beginning with leadership's ability to create an environment where people are inspired to become your greatest differentiator.

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If leadership creates a strong Internal Reputation, employees become more productive, mediocre performance is not tolerated, and the organization will attract top talent.  Over time, this creates Employee Loyalty which becomes a key differentiator and improves the organization's External Reputation, increasing Customer Loyalty, which drives Profit & Growth.



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Leadership Consulting

Creating an environment where employees become your key differentiator
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Manager Development

Providing managers the skills that foster employee loyalty and deliver inspired results
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Change Management

Beginning to end solution to ensure any change initiative delivers the desired results

Collaborative Facilitation

Facilitating meetings or events where  participants leave feeling inspired to make positive changes

Create A Culture of Innovation

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Improve your organization's ability to innovate while supercharging your employee experience

About Reputation to Results

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Cody Simpson, CPTD

Principal, CSimpson Consulting LLC

Founder of Reputation to Results



For many years I was a successful leader of a business unit with an intense focus on results.  In 2010 I was asked to join the Organizational Development & Learning group to provide a field leader’s perspective on training and development.  At first I was rather skeptical.  To that point, my perception of organizational development was that it focused on soft skills and “touchy-feely” concepts that had no real practical application in an organization that is held accountable to deliver results.


As I immersed myself in my new role I realized how wrong I was.  As my mentor Elizabeth explained, organizational development isn’t about making people feel good, it’s about improving people’s capacity to perform.  As I learned more, I was able to use my field knowledge and relationships to better operationalize these concepts and influence my former counterparts to make the changes necessary to empower higher performance. 

From that moment on I have dedicated my career to helping business owners achieve better results by focusing on the only competitive advantage that can't be replicated by a competitor, their people.  I look forward to working with you!

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Thank you very much for your interest!  Please feel free to contact me directly or fill out the form below and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Cody Simpson


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